Can a WordPress-based site be as unique, beautiful, and appealing as any other website?  Absolutely.  Perhaps even more so, since designers can spend less time creating the basic building blocks of the site (these are already made for us!), and focus on what they do best: creating a site which is visually appealing and functionally ideal for your customers.

Themify has come out with an excellent example of this with their latest Theme, “Music“.  Despite the name, this Theme will have broad appeal even to non-musicians, due in large part to its customizable full-width background video: now you can add a video behind you page’s text!  This might be a demo of your product, shots of your production facility, or simply a creative “mood” piece.

At the bottom, an embedded music player allows you to add background music — or possibly an audio description of your company and its products?  Your website is now a full, seamless multimedia experience for your visitors.

Check out Music by Themify on their website.  While you’re there, take a look at their other Themes by  picking from the drop-down at the top of the page.  Then if you’d like help building a site around this or any other Theme, come back and find out how we can help!