We keep the bad guys out and the viruses away – but regular, complete backups ensure that your site can be restored anytime, anywhere.

Viruses?  Gone.  Trojan horses?  Eradicated.  Brute-force attacks?  Blocked.

And, if one of your employees — or your keyboard-cuddling cat — accidentally deletes a key part of your website, don’t worry.  We’ve already set you up with hourly and daily backups to ensure that you can get that information back.

We also keep abreast of current security issues in the world.  Many people aren’t aware of the millions of web-based attacks that occur every single day, but a few have made major news, like the recent Heartbleed bug which put about 66% of webservers at risk.  No sweat: within hours of the issue going public, we’d ensured that none of our servers were at risk, and were able to reassure our clients that their websites were safe.

We take this commitment seriously.  It’s our job to make you look good, so you can run your business without worrying.